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As Dünyagöz we believe in preventive health care. This is why each ophthalmologic examination performed at Dünyagöz hospital is thoroughly comprehensive and tailored to each patient’s age, health care history, and condition. The standard examination is composed of the following parts: eye nerves, teardrop tests, color vision tests, determination of eyeglass and lens numbers, ocular pressure, evaluation of eye muscles and eye movements, biomicroscopic examination and examination of the retina. This comprehensive examination allows significant diseases to be diagnosed in their early stages. Since most other systemic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, brain tumor, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Behçet’s disease, show their symptoms in the eye, this comprehensive examination allows other problems to be foreseen. 

The eye is the most complicated organ in our body. Many eye diseases can progress insidiously without showing symptoms and result in vision loss. In this context, regular ophthalmologic examination at an expert institution is of great importance.

The aim of Dünyagöz Hospitals in Turkey and abroad is to introduce patients to the most experienced specialist physicians in their field to diagnose their eye problems correctly and treat them accordingly. In complicated cases in which numerous specialties need to be involved, patients are referred conveniently within the same center and the treatment plan is laid out in a time-efficient way to allow a speedy healing.  

Thanks to the technological developments in our field, diagnoses are made more accurately and treatments performed at a higher success rate. Because of the complicated structure of the eye that one can neatly resemble to a black box to be deciphered, ophthalmology emerges as the one medical specialty which benefits from technology both for diagnosis and treatment. Use of such technology with devices approved by the FDA both during diagnoses and surgeries affect the success of the treatment. State-of-the-art technological equipment and device stations up-to-date with the world are present at all Dünyagöz hospitals.  

We aim to be worthy of your trust. 

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