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Dental Aesthetics And Oral Implantology by Klinik 32

Clinic 32 is an exclusive health center focusing on human value through its experienced and friendly team specialized in various fields with an innovative service understanding. Taking its name from an immaculate and natural balance as well as an integrated service philosophy, Clinic 32 is the representative of a proprietary and boutique service, developed with the vision of Dr. Ilgaz Özer- Orthodontist, one of the creators of the first private dental hospital in Turkey.

Offering first quality service from its doctors to its employees and from its laboratory to its consumables, Clinic 32 operates under the management of shareholders Dr. Ilgaz Özer, Orthodontist and Dr. İbrahim Tuncer, maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist, together with its specialist and equipped doctors. Clinic 32 renders services in fields encompassing the entire mouth and dental health including prosthesis, cosmetic dentistry (zirconium, laminate veneer, porcelain filling and bonding, etc.), orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, gingival diseases, temporomandibular joint disorders, pedodontics, implantology and sedation.

Clinic 32 is an innovative clinic. Being conscious of this distinctive vision, it continues to add value to the sector associating its qualified services with social projects and programs by keeping at its scientific studies unceasingly.

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