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Istanbul Sightseeing Tours

Half Day City Tour - Topkapi, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome

TOPKAPI PALACE - The seat of the Ottoman Empire for four hundred years. Situated on a peninsula towering above the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, where the early inhabitants of the city settled. As Turkey’s most visited sight, Topkapi Palace Museum houses the striking imperial treasury, holy relics, kitchenware, dynsaty garments and dazzling exquisite porcelain collection. BLUE MOSQUE - Daylight penetrating through stained- glass Windows on the traditional blue tiles with various natural patterns creates a harmony of color and a soothing sense of inner peace. HIPPODROME – The site of horse races, sporting events, political meetings, festivities now, bears some of the landmarks of ancient civilizations.

Half Day Tour - Hagia Sophia

The Church of the Divine Wisdom, HAGIA SOPHIA – For almost a thousand years, it was the largest construc- tion dedicated to Christendom and symbolized the strength and wealth of the Byzantine emperors. Later it was converted into a mosque by the Ottomans. Now, having the spiritual mixture of two major beliefs and traces of two mighty empires, Hagia Sophia with its breathtaking frescoes and mosaics enchants visitors.

Half Day Tour – Bosphorus Cruise

You will embark on a boat for an approximate one and a half hour Bosphorus Cruise through the waterway separating the two continents Europe and Asia. It is the best way to see splendid mansions, marble palaces and ancient wooden houses embodying typical Ottoman architecture standing in contrast beside modern villas.

Full Day Tour - Princes’ Islands

PRINCES’ ISLANDS – During the Byzantine period the Islands were used both for surveillance and as a place of exile for deposed rulers or those who fell from favor. The nine islands, only five of which are inhabited, later became popular resorts. The Great Island, once known as Prinkipo, is the largest, most populated and best known as the home of exiled Russian leader Leon Trotsky. Motor-traffic is prohibited on all the islands there- fore the only means of transportation is provided by traditional horse-driven carriages. Elegant summer villas with well-kept gardens, the tranquility of the Sea of Marmara, the natural environment and lush green flora make them famous and a treasure for each visitor to discover.

Full Day Tour – Daily Bursa

DISCOVER BURSA – The first capital of the Ottoman Empire, located on the slopes of Mt. Olympus (Uludağ), which with its two thousand meter peak towers above the city. Bursa has been famed for its silk, health spas and natural beauties throughout the centuries. Visit one of the best examples of Bursa’s imperial mosques; the Green Mosque, decorated with fine samples of traditional Ottoman tiles. The Great Mosque, an exquisite construction of limestone from Mt. Olympus. The Muradiye Complex, the last foundation in Bursa, contain- ing a mosque, a medrese (theological school), an imaret (kitchen for the poor). The tiny and lovely Covered Bazaar and the Silk Market.

Half Day Tour – Panorama 1453 Museum, Topkapi and Eyup Sultan

PANORAMA 1453 MUSEUM, TOPKAPI - This is Topkapi, the place where the fiercest battle of the Constantino- ple siege took place, where the unscalable walls were overcome, where the day that the blessed soldiers had awaited occurred. This is the door that opened onto the conquest of Constantinople. Here you will witness the conquest of Constantinople once again and experience the moment when the soldiers entered the city, almost exactly as it happened. You will witness the explosion of the cannonballs, cast by the Hungarian cannon experts, and see them flung at the walls of Constantinople. The battle cry of Sultan Mehmed II’s soldiers and the sound of the marches played by the Janissary band will accompany you.

Half Day Tour – Miniaturk and Eyup Sultan

MINIATURK – The park presents all main monuments and features of Turkey in small size.

EYUP SULTAN - A short drive to Eyup and start tour at Eyup Mosque, one of the best friends of The Prophet of Islam, Eyyub Al-Ansari was buried there. Then visit the famous hill known as Pierre Loti by cable car. You can catch the beautiful view of Golden Horn, an inlet forming a natural harbour, on this hill while you sip your Turkish coffey in Cafe Pierre Loti, famous French writer Pierre Loti’s favorite cafe.

Night Tour – Turkish Night

A short drive to an exclusive night club through the illuminated city. Dinner will be served including limited local drinks. During dinner, you will watch the floorshow of well-known belly dancers, folkloric dancers from different regions of Turkey and Turkish singers.


Night Tour – Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Embarkation to yacht. Sail up the Bosphorus, the waterway between Europe and Asia, passing under the suspension bridges and viewing Ottoman summer palaces, waterside mansions and modern villas which line the European and Asian coasts. The panoramic view of Istanbul by the Bosphorus at night and dinner will both be memorable.