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Treatment of Retinal Dissease


The Procedure

Retina is a plexiform layer composed of optic cells covering the back wall of the eyeball. Millions of nerve fibres making up the retina deliver images to the optic nerve. Diseases in retina directly threaten our eyesight. It has symptoms like photopcia, sudden vision loss, shadow over vision and floaters.

Retinal Diseases are: Haemorrhages related to diabetics and hypertension, retinal embolism, retinal detachment/lacerations, macular area disorder, congenital retinal diseases, fluid behind the retina, retinal tumours, intraocular foreign body, macular holes, and vitreoretinal surface abnormalities. 

The Clinic

Karnak International Healthcare Alliance offers glaucoma treatment through our partner for eye surgery: Dünyagöz is certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified quality lenses and devices are used in all operations performed in our hospitals. Specially designed Dünyagöz operation rooms for eye surgery contain all necessary equipment from minor eye operations (retina, corneal transplantation etc.) to complicated eye surgeries.


Travel Services

Turkey has diverse cultural, ethnical and religious communities living in harmony. For clients from the Middle East; the Turkish way of life, cultural similarities and shared principals make Turkey the best destination to receive health care and provides a positive influence for the patients’ recovery. Our service chain offers health treatments and therapies, as well as flight arrangements, accommodation, all necessary transfers, translation services, excursions, cultural programs and all other services to meet your every need.



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