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Porcelain/Metal and Zirconium Dental Crowns


Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

This is the system where porcelain is fused to metal crowns in the substructure of the porcelain of which metal alloy is used. Porcelain fused to metal crowns may be used quite easily in partial tooth deficiencies or in cases where tooth tissue is insufficient for filling treatment and especially for the purpose of preventing tooth fracture which might occur on teeth to which root canal therapy has been applied. 

Sufficient aesthetic outcomes cannot be obtained at all times due to less luminous transmittance of metal supported crowns. 

The phase of treatment is completed in approximately 1 week. 


Zirconium Crown Restorations

As an alternative to classical porcelain fused to metal crowns, zirconium crowns are the aesthetic systems that are used in posterior sites, in which zirconium alloy, which is a white color, is used instead of metal. The advantage of this system is that they are aesthetic and can be used in anterior teeth and they are resistant so as to be able to be used in posterior teeth. Thus, they provide the aesthetic need of patients in rear spaces and increase the life quality of the person. 

The treatment with zirconium crowns is completed in a process of approximately 7-10 days. 


The Clinic

Karnak International Healthcare Alliance provides dental crowns through our partner for dental operations: Clinic 32 is an exclusive health center focusing on human value through its experienced and friendly team specialized in various fields with an innovative service understanding. Taking its name from an immaculate and natural balance as well as an integrated service philosophy, Clinic 32 is the representative of a proprietary and boutique service, developed with the vision of Dr. Ilgaz Özer- Orthodontist, one of the creators of the first private dental hospital in Turkey.


Travel Services

Turkey has diverse cultural, ethnical and religious communities living in harmony. For clients from the Middle East; the Turkish way of life, cultural similarities and shared principals make Turkey the best destination to receive health care and provides a positive influence for the patients’ recovery. Our service chain offers health treatments and therapies, as well as flight arrangements, accommodation, all necessary transfers, translation services, excursions, cultural programs and all other services to meet your every need.



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