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Breast Reduction


The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on both men and women. Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the mammary gland in men. A surgery is the only solution for gynecomastia. An elimination or reduction of the amount of the hormone does not help to resolve this problem. 

Women with oversized breasts often suffer from physical and mental problems. The weight of the breasts has a negative effect on shoulders and can cause backache. This situation is  also responsible for sweat glands under the breast and itching rashes, which may limit physical activity.


The Clinic

Karnak International Healthcare Alliance provides breast reduction surgery through our partner for aesthetic operations:ESTEWORLD aims to reach patients with VIP service without compromising from quality Passion for aesthetics and beauty has always been a priority for people thoroughout history. Aesthetic fears can cause pshychological problems and lack of self-esteem. ESTEWORLD respects people’s health and help them regain their health with its professional and talented specialist doctors and staff in accordance with strict medical rules. We are aware that in plastic surgery, hair transplantation and medical aesthetics; the inescapable artistic eye, years of experience and constant desire for knowledge and education can achieve excellent results.


Travel Services

Turkey has diverse cultural, ethnical and religious communities living in harmony. For clients from the Middle East; the Turkish way of life, cultural similarities and shared principals make Turkey the best destination to receive health care and provides a positive influence for the patients’ recovery. Our service chain offers health treatments and therapies, as well as flight arrangements, accommodation, all necessary transfers, translation services, excursions, cultural programs and all other services to meet your every need.



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