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Regional Slim Down

"Healthy Weight Loss"

Everyone wants a sleek, sporty appearance supported with healthy diet. Illnesses, drugs or a stressful work environment can cause gains or losses in weight. In cooperation with doctors for life coaching, dietitians, and with FDA approved and CE-certified devices you can increase the quality of your life.



The world's newest treatment for regional weight loss. UltraShape delivers a safe and effective non-invasive comfortable option for the reduction of localized fat deposits and smooth.



A safe and comfortable cellulite treatment that provides lasting results. This technology offers a completely different approach, in contrast to other methods.


Wet Cavitaton

Hypo-osmolar (low density) fluid is injected into the problem area. Then the cavitation takes place in the same area.



Cavitation occurs when a liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure causing the formation of cavities in the lower pressure regions of the liquid. When entering high pressure areas these bubbles continuously collapse on a metal surface. In this way the fat cells can be destroyed and removed from your body.



Permanent results can be reached by the newest system in the treatment of cellulite.