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Retina is a plexiform layer composed of optic cells covering the back wall of the eyeball. Millions of nerve fibres making up the retina deliver images to the optic nerve. Diseases in retina directly threaten our eyesight. It has symptoms like photopcia, sudden vision loss, shadow over vision and floaters.


Retinal Diseases:

  • Haemorrhages related to diabetics and hypertension
  • Retinal embolism
  • Retinal detachment/lacerations
  • Macular area disorder
  • Congenital retinal diseases
  • Fluid behind the retina
  • Retinal tumours
  • Intraocular foreign body
  • Macular holes
  • Vitreoretinal surface abnormalities


Symptoms of Retinal Diseases:

  • Sudden or slow vision loss
  • Broken - bent vision
  • Photopcia
  • Floaters
  • Shadow over vision
  • Temporary and short-term vision loss
  • Dark areas in field of vision

High diabetes and blood pressure are the enemies of eye.


Treatment of Retinal Disease:

Early diagnosis in Retina is vital for right and in time surgical intervention and for preventive medical treatment.

Retinal operations should be practiced by a well-educated team for intraocular microsurgery with a complete medical equipment.