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Preventive Dentistry

As in every area of medicine, preventive medicine has become important in dentistry today. Preventive dentistry is of great importance especially in children. A child should be acquainted with a dentist without having any problem yet. 

Our mission is to give every patient a complete oral hygiene training to keep the healthy oral environment provided in our clinic.


Topical Fluoride Application

Topical fluoride application is a pain free and simple procedure which may be started after 3 years of age and should be repeated every 6 months thereafter. Topical fluoride is applied professionally by dentists in lacquer or gel form. Stored on the surface of teeth of your child at the end of this procedure, fluoride will make the teeth even healthier and more resistant against tooth caries. 


Fissure Sealant

For preventing food and microorganism accumulation on irregular surfaces of tooth and the caries, a special fluent filling material is used. It is suitable for the application in the period when first permanent teeth erupt in the mouth.