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Wireless Orthodontics

Wireless Orthodontics treatment is the correction of dental perplexities and dental array disorders with particular intensity by means of privately designed, invisible and transparent plaques without using traditional metallic bands, brackets or wires.

In this system, almost-invisible and removable serial plaques are used. These plaques are replaced with the next batch in line once in two weeks. Each plaque is tailor made and produced specially for the patient’s teeth. The teeth attain their final positions, which are defined by your doctor, by moving and recovering gradually with each plaque alteration.

One of the best features of this system is not to use any traditional metallic bands, brackets or wires where food wastes and bacterial plaques can be held on. Since the apparatus, which are used in this treatment, are attachable and detachable, maintaining oral hygiene is easier than the other systems. Therefore, the risk of bacterial plaque deposition, tooth decay and gingival diseases can be reduced. 


Lingual Orthodontics (Incognito)

Lingual Orthodontics is a technique, in which the brackets where the wires apply power to the teeth are attached, are placed on the rear surfaces at the tongue side instead of the front surfaces of the teeth at the lips side. The most important advantage of this technique is its complete invisibility.

Nowadays, customized apparatus, designed and produced specific for each individual, are available. The treatment results are more successful than the other lingual treatment techniques, thanks to its customized structure. Again thanks to the customized feature, the adaptation period for the patient is very short. Unlike the other systems, the problems, such as speech disorders or wounds on the tongue, which usually happen throughout the treatment period, don’t occur in these systems. The patient gets used to the apparatus inside his/her mouth within 2 weeks, and maintains a normal life. Contrary to the other treatment systems, it has wider application areas. Almost all malocclusions can be cured with this system. Since it is customizable, this system somehow reduces the treatment period. Since it has been produced from gold alley, and the gold is the most biocompatible material, it has no allergenic characteristics.