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Health & Leisure Programs by Karnak International

Working with an innovative soul and being a pinoeer in its sector; KARNAK INTERNATIONAL on its 27th anniversary, is forming extraordinary travel files. Among these files, we give utmost importance to our Health&Leisure programs and we are proud to present it to you under the name of “Karnak International Health Care Alliance”. The alliance members have been carefully selected from successful hospital or clinique, each a brand and expert in its field.

Our service chain offers health treatments and therapies, as well as flight arrangements, accomodation, all necessary transfers, translation services, excursions, cultural programs and all other services to meet your every need.

Don’t forget “trust is the key”. Wishing you good health and well-being.

With Our Best Regards,

Turkey as a Health Care Center

  • Suitable Location between Asia, Africa and Europe
  • World Class Hospitals and Cliniques
  • Latest Technology Equipment
  • Best Educated Healthcare Proffessionals
  • Immediate Treament
  • Competative Prices

combined with...

  • Turkey's Perfect Climate
  • Beautiful Nature and Cultural Richness
  • Most Beautiful Hotels and Resorts

and most importantly...
Surrounded with Warm Turkish hospitality
"Feel at Home"

The recent trend in our globalizing world is to stay young and healthy. In view of this desire ESTEWORLD is following this trend with its team and its philosophy of quality service, infrastructure, medical, physical hardware in a secure way with innovation to construct a global brand.

In Turkey, ESTEWORLD started a completely new concept. With it’s modern management approach, ESTEWORLD presents honest and qualified service by making vendor and employee trust sustainable. ESTEWORLD uses the latest technologies and treatments with high standards to give the best and highest quality service by meeting the clients’ expectations. The company prefers to use FDA approved devices.


The First and Unique Branch Hospital of Turkey

ESTEWORLD Health Group was established in 2004 in Istanbul to provide qualified service to people who are looking for beauty in a healthy way. After Bahçelievler and Altunizade branch offices, the first and unique plastic surgery hospital in Etiler was established. In this hospital located on 3500 square meters, really talented doctors specialized in their branch, who have adopted unconditional patient satisfaction work. ESTEWORLD aims to reach patients with VIP service without compromising from quality Passion for aesthetics and beauty has always been a priority for people thoroughout history. Aesthetic fears can cause pshychological problems and lack of self-esteem. ESTEWORLD respects people’s health and help them regain their health with its professional and talented specialist doctors and staff in accordance with strict medical rules. We are aware that in plastic surgery, hair transplantation and medical aesthetics; the inescapable artistic eye, years of experience and constant desire for knowledge and education can achieve excellent results.

In our service model Picasso's soul, Michalengelo's patience, Mozart's feelings, Ibn-i Sina's love are mixed together for better results.

In this privileged world of quality everyone is cordially invited.

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