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A land of great civilizations, mysterious and breathtaking beauties of nature

The history of this land where two continents meet is filled with crucial episodes; From the dawn of the distant Anatolian civilizations to the myth of Troy, from the Greek culture, adventures of Alexander the Great, then the rise of Christianity in Byzantine and the eastern Roman Empire and lastly the Ottomans. It also cradles two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and King Mausoleus’ Tomb in Bodrum. Apart from its history, Turkey offers turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and green forests as it is surrounded by sea on three sides. One of the natural wonders can be found in the Anatolian region; “Cappadocia” with its most unique rock formations called the “Fairy Chimneys”. “Pamukkale” in the Aegean region, holds one of Turkey’s most famous attractions, where a series of terraces, known as the Travertine Cascades, have been created by hot spring deposits of limestone.